Planning Tools & Presentations For Professional Wealth Advisors

WealthTec Suite is a dynamic wealth planning system that can be used effectively in serving everyone from the mass affluent to high-net worth and ultrahigh-net worth clients. It combines strategic and tactical modeling tools and presentations into a single, robust planning suite that is second to none in the high-end segment of the market.
Developed for professional wealth advisors who serve an upscale clientele, WealthTec Suite produces quantitatively rigorous and detailed, but colorful, financial, tax and estate planning client deliverables that can help you build your practice, while delivering timely, cutting-edge advice.
As a member of the elite financial and estate planning communities, you know how important it is to have powerful tools at your fingertips. WealthTec Suite incorporates power, precision, style and clarity into an all-in-one wealth planning package that can keep you on the cutting edge—where you belong. Your clients need answers. They need direction. WealthTec Suite can help you satisfy those needs in a way that will make you proud.
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WealthTec Suite Functional Areas


  • Basic to advanced estate planning
  • Outright gifts and ILITs
  • GRATs, QPRTs, IDGTs, SCINs, private annuities
  • Estate and gift tax valuation discounts
  • GST planning
  • Income in respect of a decedent
  • Estate planning case comparisons
  • Comprehensive and focused planning flowcharts


  • Integrated lifetime cash flows
  • Uneven cash inflows and outflows
  • Vested and restricted employer stock
  • Different exercise methods for NQSOs and ISOs
  • Closely held businesses and investment real estate
  • RMDs and SEPPs
  • Roth IRA conversions
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
  • Monte Carlo simulations and analysis


  • Updated for the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017
  • Graduated tax rates and the alternative minimum tax
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes, including the NIIT
  • Separate tax treatment for different types of income
  • Allocation between short- and long-term capital gains
  • Lump-sum distributions of employer stock with NUA
  • Qualified business income deduction
  • Tax basis tracking and postmortem basis adjustments
  • Extensive adjustments for computing state taxable income


  • Customized asset classes
  • Customized model portfolios
  • Calculation of weighted-average portfolio returns
  • Calculation of portfolio standard deviations
  • Different methods for entering current portfolio data
  • Composite and per-portfolio asset allocation statistics
  • Comparison of current and recommended allocations
  • Asset allocation pie charts
  • Export of portfolio data to strategic planning tools

NOTE: In addition to having unrivaled power at your fingertips, you can also count on WealthTec’s top-notch support. The comprehensive online guidance integrated with WealthTec Suite is second to none, and the author of the product is the person with whom you’ll be working to help make your case building experience as rewarding as possible.