“Millennials are evolved – we believe they’re better, faster, smarter and more capable. Millennials are the future and it’s about time they’re recognized.”

Chances are your’re looking for a special kind of recruiting company. Perhaps you can actually trust. One whose people are genuine, driven and fun. One with a fresh approach that cuts through the BS and always puts you first. Look no further. We’re Swyft Solutions and we’re going to radically change your perception of recruiters.

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Why hire millennials?

The term “millennial” has gotten a bad rap and we’re here to help fix that. Whether you like it or not, the millennial generation (those aged 18 to 35), are now the largest segment of the workforce and they are continuing to take over. By 2025, more than 75% of the workforce will consist of “millennials”, an increase from about 1 in 3 workers today.

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